A project to document the history of production and broadcast of the works of Harold Pinter

Welcome to the database of the Pinter Histories and Legacies project. The ambition of this database has been to capture every instance of a professional production of a work by Harold Pinter in the UK since 1957 alongside a comprehensive catalogue of all broadcasts of his work for radio and television, and films for which he has written a screenplay. In addition, we have included plays, films and so on that Pinter directed or acted in. 

As at 12 May 2022, the database contains:

  Number of entries Of which visible
Stage productions 584 462
Films 29 29
Radio broadcasts 109 109
Television broadcasts 77 77
Venues 358 301
People 5215 2886


The number of entries that are made visible will increase every week. Many entries will contain minimal information, either because we have not found all the details in relation to that production, or because we are still very active in the process of adding and cross-checking material. Some of those incomplete entries may include historically significant productions - these will be completed over time. If you follow a link on a page and it seems to fail, that is because the entry to are linking to has not yet been made visible.

If you know anything about any production or person, or were involved in any of the shows we list (or notice any errors) we'd love to hear from you - do go to the 'contribute' tab and get in touch. 

image of archival papers


About the project

Led by Dr Mark Taylor-Batty from the Workshop Theatre in the School of English at the University of Leeds, with co-investigators Professor Jonathan Bignell (Reading) and Professor Graham Saunders (Birmingham), and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Pinter Histories and Legacies: The Impact of Harold Pinter’s Work on the Development of British Stage and Screen project has sought to trace, chart, archive and contextualise every professional production of Harold Pinter’s plays in the UK since 1957 and through to 2021, in the first instance.

The database has been populated by Dr Basil Chiasson and Dr Catriona Fallow (both working on the stage production records), Dr William Davies (working predominantly on the film, radio and television entries) and Mark Taylor-Batty. The vast majority of stage production entries and associated entries for people,venues and so on were created by Basil. Many of the film entries were prepared by Dr Billy Smart and the core television and radio entries were prepared by Dr Amanda Wrigley; these were completed by Mark and Will. Mark maintains oversight of all entries, and has been continuing to add detail since January 2020 and will do so as more data is found or offered. Harry Burton and Alexander Lass have contributed interviews with a range of actors and directors to the database.

The population of this database has been facilitated by access to a range of new and established archival material, and processing and linking this material within the database. Central to this has been the Pinter archive at the British Library, the archives of the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company, the V&A, the BFI and various other organisations.