Comedy Theatre (Est. 1881)

Comedy Theatre

Panton St, London SW1Y 4DN, England

Date Opened: 15 October 1881

Opened on Panton Street in the City of Westminster, as the Royal Comedy Theatre. On 7 September 2011, it was announced that the theatre's owner, Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) would be renaming the Comedy Theatre to the Harold Pinter Theatre from Thursday 13 October 2011. For productions that have been mounted at the venue since it has been known as The Harold Pinter go to that entry.

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No Man's Land (Almeida) (1992)

03-Feb-1993 to 08-May-1993

Previews: 03, 04 (with 15:00 matinee), 05 and 06/02 (with 15:00 matinee) at 20:00. Press night: 08/02 at 19:00. The run was extended.

The Old Masters (2004)

28-Jun-2004 to 18-Dec-2004

Previews: 28 and 30/07; performance times 19:45. Press night: 01/07; performance time: 19:00.

The Homecoming (Comedy Theatre) (1991)

03-Jan-1991 to 01-Jun-1991

Previews: 3 and 4/1, at 20:00. Press night: 10/1, at 19:00. All subsequent evening performances 20:00.

Betrayal (Comedy Theatre) (2011)

27-May-2011 to 20-Aug-2011

Moonlight (Premiere: Almeida Theatre) (1993)

02-Nov-1993 to 01-Jan-1994

Previews: 2/11 at 20:00. Press night: 4/11 at 19:30.

The Caretaker (Comedy Theatre) (2000)

15-Nov-2000 to 13-Jan-2001

40th-anniversary revival. Advertised as 'Strictly limited season - 10 weeks only'

The Caretaker (Newcastle - Birmingham - Bath - London) (1991)

20-Jun-1991 to 14-Sep-1991

Preview on 18 June.

A Night Out (World and UK stage premiere: Gate Theatre, Dublin - Comedy Theatre) (1961)


The Homecoming / The Lincoln Center Festival New York (Gate Theatre - Comedy Theatre) (2001)

22-Sep-2001 to 01-Dec-2001

Opening night 25 September

The Hothouse (Chichester- Bath- London tour) (1995)

03-Oct-1995 to 16-Mar-1996

Otherwise Engaged (1975)


The Collection / The Lover and The Collection (Comedy Theatre) (2008)

15-Jan-2008 to 03-May-2008

The Lover / The Lover and The Collection (Comedy Theatre) (2008)

15-Jan-2008 to 05-Mar-2008

Twelve Angry Men (1996)

11-Apr-1996 to 27-Jul-1996

Previews: 11, 12 and 19 April at 19:45. Press night: 22 April at 19:00.

Night (Premiere: Comedy Theatre) (1969)

09-Apr-1969 to 28-Jun-1969