Interview (1959)


Harold Pinter

Play script


A pornographic bookseller, Mr Jakes, is subjected to the usual pre-Christmas radio or television interview about seasonal trade. He puts holly around the shop but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Gradually Mr Jakes reveals that he is dreaming of imprisoning all his customers, because every single one of them is a communist. This sketch was first performed on BBC Radio in 1964.

Date of Composition: 1959   Confidence Level  

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NB Baker and Ross indicate a 1961 British edition, but their presentation of it puzzles me. See p. 51-52. (BC)

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Interviewer (Age: Not specified)

Appears in the sketch Interview (pub. 1961).

Jakes (Age: Not specified, Male)

Appears in the sketch Interview (pub. 1961)


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