Browse Data

You can browse the entries in the database by one of four categories: Works, People, Productions and Venues. Click on a category opposite to begin. 

Works entries include all works written by Harold Pinter for stage, film, television and radio, as well as much of his prose and poetry. It also includes works that have been adapted by Pinter, or that he has been involved in as director or actor.

There are thousands of People entries to look through, and these contain all the actors, directors, designers, writers and various other collaborators that have been involved in or connected to productions of Pinter's work. The more an individual has been involved with Pinter's work, the more detail their entry will contain. 

The central core of the database, the Productions entries, includes professional stage productions of works by Harold Pinter, or with which he has been involved, from 1957 to 2020 in the UK. Included under 'productions' here are all the films for which he wrote a screenplay, or in which he acted, or directed, and all broadcasts of his works on television and radio, or in which he acted. 

The venues entries list all the places at which his work has been performed in the UK since 1957 that have been captured to date in the database. 

Once you have selected an entry, whether it be for a production, a work, a person or a venue, you will then be able to follow links within that entry to other entries: for example, entries for all actors in a production will be contained within each production entry. Other categories of entry you will then find include organisations, TV channels, places (including links to maps), publishers and so on.