The majority of the entries in the database have been generated by Dr Basil Chiasson and Dr Catriona Fallow (both working on the stage production records) and Dr Will Davies (working across film, TV and radio). Dr Amanda Wrigley has input a comprehensive set of basic data for radio and television broadcsast. The film entries were initially prepared by Dr Billy Smart. 

Amanda Wrigley

Amanda contributed to the radio and television entries of the database, working between July 2017 and December 2019. She researches contextual histories of radio and television in 20th-century Britain, with a focus on imaginative programming which adapts and creates dramatic and literary forms. In addition to her work on the Pinter project at the University of Reading, she is Visiting Fellow in the School of Arts and Cultures, Open University and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Her latest monograph is Greece on Air: Engagements with Ancient Greece on BBC Radio, 1920s-1960s (OUP, 2015); she is now writing the companion volume Greece on Screen: Greek Plays on British Television. She co-edited, with Aasiya Lodhi, Radio Modernisms: Features, Cultures and the BBC (Media History 24.2, 2018).

Could you contribute to the database?

Did you participate in a professional production of a play by Harold Pinter, or did you work on one of his films, radio or television dramas? Have you kept an old theatre programme for a historic production, which might contain details that would help us refine entries in the database?

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