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You can go directly to Harold Pinter's own entry here.

If you think you can help us with any information on anyone who was involved in a professional production/broadcast/film of Pinter's work, or if you find information here which you believe to be inaccurate, please do get in touch

Izzy Rabey

Director and musician. Rabey is 'the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Run Amok Theatre Company an...
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Harry Rabinowitz (1916 - 2016)

Musical director. Born in Johannesburg in 1916, he came to England in 1946 to study at London's Guil...
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Nina Raine (1975)

Playwright, director, dramaturg and actor. Raine has worked in theatre and television. She was award...
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Tom Rand

Stage and film costume and set designer. Rand began his design career, as an assistant, at the Royal...
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Ron Randell (1918 - 2005)

Actor. Randell worked extensively in film, theatre and radio.
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Charlotte Randle

Actor. Randle has worked extensively in theatre and in television, film and radio.
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Alison Rankin

Assistant stage manager, deputy stage manager and stage manager. Rankin is currently Senior Stage Ma...
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