Anna Massey (1937 - 2011)

Ms Anna Massey (Female)

Nationality: English


Born: 11 August 1937   Confidence Level  

Died: 3 July 2011   Confidence Level  

Actor and writer. Massey worked in theatre, television and film. She had no formal training at either drama school or in repertory. She made her first appearance on stage in May 1955 at the age of 17, at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, in 'The Reluctant Debutante', and subsequently made her first London appearance in the same play at the Cambridge Theatre in May 1955. From the early 1960s Massey became an archetypal West End leading lady. But a major shift in her career occurred in 1971 when she went to the Royal Court to appear in David Hare's 'Slag', after which time she acted in memorable productions of plays by GB Shaw, Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter (Guardian website).

Training and Education

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Other Names

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Appears In

Two Plays (1977)
Vera (Two Plays) (Age: Not Specified)


Close of Play (1979)
Marianne (Age: Not specified, Female)


A Kind of Alaska / Other Places (Stage Premiere: Cottesloe Theatre) (1982)
Pauline (Age: early forties, Female)


Family Voices / Other Places (Cottesloe Theatre) (1982)
Voice 2 (Age: Not Specified, Female)


A Kind of Alaska (1990)
Deborah (Age: forties, Female)


Moonlight (Premiere: Almeida Theatre) (1993)
Bel (Age: 50, Female)


Linked People

Daniel Massey (1933 - 1998)

Relationship: Sibling

Jeremy Brett (1935 - 1995)

Relationship: Spouse

Anna Massey and Jeremy Brett were married in 1958 and divorced in 1962. She later married Uri Andres in 1988.

Linked Awards


31 December 2004

For services to Drama.


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The Guardian Website


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