Otherwise Engaged
Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged (1975-1976)

Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged (1975)

Date from

8 July 1975

Date to


No of Performances Unknown
Premiere Yes
Touring Yes
Language English


Oxford Playhouse (Est. 1938)


Richmond Theatre (Est. 1899)


Queen's Theatre (Est. 1907)


Previews were on 28 and potentially 29/7/75.

Comedy Theatre (Est. 1881)


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Linked People

Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Creative | Director

Eileen Diss (1931)

Creative | Set Designer

Leonard Tucker

Creative | Lighting Designer

Patrick Wheatley

Creative | Costume Supervisor

Ellen Hobart

Creative | Wardrobe Mistress

Trevor Mitchell

Technical | Company Stage Manager

Pauline Gaunt

Technical | Deputy Stage Manager

Andrew Tourell

Technical | Assistant Stage Manager

Laura Gabriel

Technical | Assistant Stage Manager

David Sutton (1934 - 2004)

Technical | General Manager

J. Scott Parkinson

Technical | Production Manager

Genista Streeten

Production | Press Representative(s)

Michael Codron (1930)

Production | Producer

Simon Gray (1936 - 2008)

Creative | Playwright

Linked Organisations

Queen's Theatre (Receiving House | Est. 1907)

51 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho, London WC2, England



Dave (Otherwise Engaged) (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Ian Charleson (1949 - 1990)

Stephen (Otherwise Engaged) (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Nigel Hawthorne (1929 - 2001)

Jeff (Otherwise Engaged) (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Julian Glover (1935)

Davina (Age: Not specified, Female)

Performer: Jacqueline Pearce (1943)

Wood (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Benjamin Whitrow (1937 - 2017)

Beth (Otherwise Engaged) (Age: Not specified, Female)

Performer: Mary Miller (1933 - 2020)

Simon (Age: Not specified, Male)

Bates's final performance was 7 February 1976. Michael Gambon took over the role on 9 February. Also, the 31 July entry in Pinter's appointment diary for 1976 indicates ‘Last Night O E Cast’ and the 2 August entry indicates ‘1st night new O E Cast’. The new cast was likely the one that went on to New York.

Performer: Alan Bates (1934 - 2003)

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Otherwise engaged flyer for the Comedy Theatre run (Image)

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Otherwise Engaged programme (front) (Image)

Type: Theatre programme

Otherwise Engaged alternative programme (front) (Image)

Type: Theatre programme


Harold Pinter Official Website



Accessed 23 April 2018.

Otherwise Engaged Production Programme

The British Library, Main Catalogue, Harold Pinter Miscellaneous Theatre Programmes YD 2005. A. 6228

Theatre programme

Harold Pinter Appointment Diary, 1976

The Harold Pinter Archive, The British Library Modern Manuscripts, ADD MS 88880/12/009, no ff

Library archive

Information about personnel changes during London run and for New York transfer taken from entries for February, July and August 1976.