No Man's Land (Wyndham's Theatre)
No Man's Land (Wyndham's Theatre)

No Man's Land (Wyndham's Theatre) (2016)

No Man's Land (Wyndham's Theatre)

No Man's Land (1974)

Date from

3 September 2016

The production was a re-staging of a production Mathias mounted in in the USA with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, and with Billy Crudup and Shuler Hensley in the roles adopted respectively by Owen Teale and Damien Molony in this production. It opened on Broadway at the Cort Theatre, in repertory with Waiting for Godot (also featuring Stewart and McKellen) on 24 November 2013 (with previews from on 31 October 2013). It closed on 30 March 2014.

Date to

17 December 2016

No of Performances Unknown
Touring Yes
Language English


Crucible Theatre, Sheffield (Est. 1971)

03-Aug-2016 to 13-Aug-2016

Theatre Royal, Newcastle (Est. 1837)

15-Aug-2016 to 20-Aug-2016

Theatre Royal, Brighton (Est. 1807)

22-Aug-2016 to 27-Aug-2016

New Theatre, Cardiff (Est. 1906)

29-Aug-2016 to 03-Sep-2016

Wyndham's Theatre (Est. 1899)

17-Sep-2016 to 17-Dec-2016

The performance on the 15 December 2016 was broadcast live in cinemas as part of the National theatre Live programme (see 'Linked Productions')

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National Theatre Live: No Man's Land (2016)


Linked People

Sean Mathias (1956)

Creative | Director

Stephen Brimson Lewis

Creative | Set Designer

Peter Kaczorowski (1956)

Creative | Lighting Designer

Stephen Brimson Lewis

Creative | Costume Designer

Nina Dunn

Creative | Projection Designer

Adam Cork

Creative | Sound Designer

Alexander Lass (1988)

Creative | Associate Director

Adam Cork

Creative | Composer

Anne McNulty

Creative | Casting director

Linked Organisations

Playful Productions (Production Company | Est. 2010)

Fourth Floor 41-44 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5AD, England



Hirst (Age: sixties, Male)

Performer: Patrick Stewart (1940)

Spooner (Age: sixties, Male)

Performer: Ian McKellen (1939)

Foster (Age: thirties, Male)

Performer: Damien Molony (1984)

Briggs (Age: thirties, Male)

Performer: Owen Teale (1961)

Linked Awards

Evening Standard Award


Best revival



Best revival


‘No Man’s Land: A Life of a Play’, Alexander Lass, August 2016 (PDF)

Type: Programme content

Blog post, Nina Dunn, somethinggraphic, 20 September 2016 (URL)

Type: Blog post

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YouTube: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on No Man's Land (Video)

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YouTube: Damien Molony and Owen Teale on No Man's Land (Video)

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YouTube: National Theatre Live trailer for this production (Video)

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Interview with Sean Mathias, conducted by Mark Taylor-Batty, 24 July 2017 (PDF)

Type: Interview


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