Old Times (London Classic Theatre tour)
Old Times (London Classic Theatre tour)

Old Times (London Classic Theatre tour) (2006)

Old Times (London Classic Theatre tour)

Old Times (1971)

Date from

30 March 2006

Date to

24 June 2006

No of Performances Unknown
Touring Yes
Language English


Weston Studio Theatre (Est. 2004)

30-Mar-2006 to 01-Apr-2006

Buxton Opera House

04-Apr-2006 to 04-Apr-2006

Stag Theatre

26-Apr-2006 to 27-Apr-2006

Roses Theatre (Est. 1975)

04-May-2006 to 04-May-2006

Alnwick Playhouse (Est. 1925)

18-May-2006 to 18-May-2006

Wyvern Theatre (Est. 1971)

24-May-2006 to 24-May-2006

Castle Theatre (Est. 1995)

25-May-2006 to 25-May-2006

Arc Theatre (Est. 1998)

26-May-2006 to 26-May-2006

Torch Theatre (Est. 1977)

03-Jun-2006 to 03-Jun-2006

Forum Studio Theatre (Est. 2007)

06-Jun-2006 to 08-Jun-2006

Quays Theatre (Est. 2000)

21-Jun-2006 to 24-Jun-2006

Courtyard Theatre (Est. 2000)

23-May-2006 to 23-May-2006

May have been their Studio theatre.

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Linked People

Michael Cabot

Creative | Director

Geraldine Bunzl

Creative | Set Designer

Guy Hoare

Creative | Lighting Designer

Sheila Burnett

Creative | Production Photographer

Linked Organisations

London Classic Theatre (Theatre Company | Est. 1993)

53 Upper Pines, Banstead, Surrey SM7 3PU, England

Company and Producer.


Deeley (Age: early forties, Male)

Performer: Richard Stemp

Kate (Old Times) (Age: early forties, Female)

Performer: Jackie Drew

Anna (Old Times) (Age: early forties, Female)

Performer: Julie Hale (1971)

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Geraldine Bunzl Portfolio for Old Times (Image)

Type: Website

External Link: http://www.geraldinebunzl.com/portfolio/old-times/

Production photographs by Sheila Burnett.


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