The Birthday Party
The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party (1987)

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party (1957)

Channel BBC Two
Broadcast Date 21 June 1987
Broadcast time 21:20:00
Length (minutes) 110
Black and White No
Series Theatre Night
Broadcast Notes

Description A note on the script: the work here is a dramatic play that is being relayed on television as a television play. We are unaware of any differences in dialogue between the broadcast text and the published text of the play.
Language English

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Kenneth Ives (1934 - 2022)

Creative | Director

Bruce Macadie

Creative | Designer

Rosemary Hill

Creative | Producer (radio/television)

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BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) (Cultural Institution | Est. 1922)


Stanley (The Birthday Party) (Age: late thirties, Male)

Performer: Kenneth Cranham (1944)

Petey (Age: sixties, Male)

Performer: Robert Lang (1934 - 2004)

McCann (Age: 30, Male)

Performer: Colin Blakely (1930 - 1987)

Lulu (Age: twenties, Female)

Performer: Julie Walters (1950)

Goldberg (Age: fifties, Male)

Performer: Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Meg (Age: sixties, Female)

Performer: Joan Plowright (1929)

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Pinter at the BBC, 2019 DVD (URL)

Type: DVD

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This broadcast is included in the 2019 BFI/BBC box set.


The Birthday Party (BBC, 1987)

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The Birthday Party

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The Birthday Party

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