Moonlight (2000)


Moonlight (1993)

Channel BBC Radio 3
Broadcast Date 8 October 2000
Broadcast time 19:30:00
Length (minutes) 55
Series Sunday Play
Description Broadcast as part of the celebrations for Pinter's 70th birthday. The work was broadcast again on Sunday 15 February 2009 on BBC Radio 3 in a double bill with the 2005 BBC Radio 3 production of Voices. A note on the script: the work here is a stage play that is being relayed on radio. We are unaware of any differences in dialogue between the broadcast text and the published text of the play. A radio script would have been prepared for the broadcast, but we are not aware of any archival resource that has retained this to consult. A recording of this broadcast is available on the UbuWeb website. It is unclear if this is a licensed release.
Language English

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Janet Whitaker

Creative | Director

Elizabeth Parker

Creative | Composer

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BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) (Cultural Institution | Est. 1922)


Andy (Age: fifties, Male)

Performer: Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Ralph (Age: fifties, Male)

Performer: John Shrapnel (1942 - 2020)

Bridget (Moonlight) (Age: 16, Female)

Performer: Indira Varma (1973)

Fred (Moonlight) (Age: 27, Male)

Performer: Harry Burton (1962)

Maria (Moonlight) (Age: 50, Female)

Performer: Jill Johnson

Bel (Age: 50, Female)

Performer: Sara Kestelman (1944)

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Interview with Indira Varma, conducted by Harry Burton, October 2020 (Video)

Type: Interview

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Sunday Play: Moonlight (listing)

Radio Times, 5 October 2000, p. 142


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