Sleuth (2007)


Sleuth (2006)

Budget (GBP) 0
Distribution Company

Paramount Pictures   (Distributor | Est. Unknown)

Release Date 23 November 2007
Black and White No
Regional Release No
Release Notes Italy 30 August 2007 (Venice Film Festival);
Canada 10 September 2007 (Toronto International Film Festival);
Finland 25 September 2007 (Helsinki International Film Festival);
Denmark 27 September 2007 (Copenhagen International Film Festival);
Canada 29 September 2007 (Edmonton International Film Festival);
Israel 1 October 2007 (Haifa Film Festival);
Spain 11 October 2007;
USA 12 October 2007 (limited);
Israel 18 October 2007;
Brazil 23 October 2007 (São Paulo International Film Festival);
Italy 9 November 2007;
Norway 9 November 2007;
Sweden 9 November 2007;
UK 23 November 2007;
Ireland 23 November 2007;
Denmark 30 November 2007;
Germany 20 December 2007;
Hungary 27 December 2007;
Argentina 10 January 2008;
Netherlands 17 January 2008;
Colombia 18 January 2008;
Mexico 25 January 2008;
Greece 31 January 2008;
France 13 February 2008;
Uruguay 29 February 2008;
Philippines 5 March 2008;
Australia 6 March 2008;
Japan 8 March 2008;
Russia 27 March 2008 (limited);
Portugal 3 April 2008;
Turkey 4 April 2008;
Finland 16 April 2008 (DVD premiere);
Singapore 17 April 2008;
Austria 1 May 2008;
Iceland 26 June 2008 (DVD premiere);
Brazil 16 July 2008 (DVD premiere);
Poland 24 July 2008 (DVD premiere);
South Korea 20 November 2008;
Kuwait 29 October 2009.
Description Adaptation by Pinter of a 1970 play by Anthony Shaffer, previously filmed by Joseph L. Mankiewics in 1972. Andrew Wyke (Michael Caine) is a highly successful mystery writer living in a beautiful and technologically advanced mansion in England. Milo Tindle (Jude Law) is an unsuccessful actor with decidedly less to show for his professional exploits. The lives of these two men cross paths when Andrew's wife leaves him for the younger Milo. Hoping to carry out a cleverly constructed revenge plot, Andrew invites Milo to his estate, where elaborate mind games ensue.
Language English

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Kenneth Branagh (1960)

Production | Producer

Simon Halfon

Production | Producer

Jude Law (1972)

Production | Producer

Simon Moseley

Production | Producer

Marion Pilowsky

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Tom Sternberg

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Production | Co-producer

Patrick Doyle

Creative | Music

Patricia Doyle (1939)

Creative | Orchestrator

Haris Zambarloukos

Creative | Director Of Photography

Neil Farrell

Creative | Film Editor

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Creative | Production Designer

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Tamar Thomas

Production | Assistant

Damian Mitchell

Technical | Assistant armorer

Richard Neale

Technical | On-set computer technician

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Andrew (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Michael Caine (1933)

Milo (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Jude Law (1972)

Man On TV (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Other Man on TV (Sleuth) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Kenneth Branagh (1960)

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'A Dance of Two Men, Twisting and Turning With a Gun That’s More Than a Gun', Manohla Dargisoct, New York Times, 12 October 2007. (URL)

Type: Review

External Link:

YouTube: Sleuth Trailer, 2007 (URL)

Type: Trailer

External Link:

Original trailer.

‘Sleuth’, Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 23 November, 2007 (URL)

Type: Review

External Link:


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