Reunion (1989)


Reunion (1988)

Budget (GBP) 0
Distribution Company

Rank Film Distributors Ltd   (Distributor | Est. Unknown)

Release Date 6 July 1989
Black and White No
Regional Release No
Release Notes France May 1989 (Cannes Film Festival);
France 17 May 1989;
West Germany 5 October 1989;
Belgium 26 October 1989 (Gent);
Australia 21 June 1990;
UK 6 July 1990;
Portugal 12 October 1990;
Denmark 19 November 1990;
Netherlands 11 January 1991 (Amsterdam);
Japan February 1991;
USA 9 March 1991 (Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival);
USA 15 March 1991 (New York City, New York);
Turkey 24 May 1991;
USA 12 June 1991 (video premiere).
Description Pinter adaptation of the 1971 novel by Fred Uhlman. Attorney Henry Strauss (Jason Robards) grew up in Germany but left the country with his Jewish family during the rise of the Third Reich. Decades later, Strauss still wonders about what happened to his boyhood friend Konradin Von Lohenburg (Samuel West). To renew their relationship, Strauss travels back to Germany for the first time since he was a young man (Christien Anholt), bringing up some painful memories from his childhood and resulting in a shocking discovery.
Language English

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Linked People

Jerry Schatzberg (1927)

Creative | Director

Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Creative | Screenplay

Fred Uhlman (1901 - 1985)

Creative | Author (original novel)

Philippe Sarde

Creative | Music

Bruno de Keyzer

Creative | Cinematography

Martine Barraque

Creative | Film Editor

Didier Naert

Creative | Projection Designer

Alexandre Trauner

Creative | Projection Designer

Thomas Schappert

Creative | Art Director

David Perry

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Karin Bauer-Hurst

Creative | Hairstylist

Karin Bauer-Hurst

Creative | Makeup Artist

Victor DeNicola

Creative | Hairstylist

Eberhard Neufink

Creative | Hairstylist

Eberhard Neufink

Creative | Makeup Artist

Carla White

Creative | Makeup Artist

Eric Bartonio

Creative | First Assistant Director

Patrick Burns

Creative | First Assistant Director

Scott Kirby

Creative | Second Assistant Director

Eva-Maria Schonecker

Creative | Second Assistant Director

Knut Winkler

Creative | Assistant Director

Bertrand Clercq-Roques

Creative | Assistant Art Director

Jacqueline Cohen

Creative | Set Designer

Frank Dockham

Creative | Assistant props

Martin Dostal

Creative | Assistant Art Director

Kim Oliver Gregan

Creative | Property master

Joshua Harrison

Creative | Art Director

Timothy Main

Creative | Props

Thomas Schappert

Creative | Assistant Art Director

Paula Herold

Creative | Casting

Debbie McWilliams

Creative | Casting

Henry Ohlmeier

Creative | Casting

Anton Pichler

Creative | Casting

Lore Tesch

Creative | Trainee Costume Designer

Haze Greenfield

Creative | Musician

Lester Bowie

Creative | Musician

Steward A. Robin

Creative | Musician

Eric Kahane

Creative | French adaptation

Hans Bamberger

Production | Associate Producer

Josselyn Bucciali

Production | Line producer

Anne Francois

Production | Producer

Vincent Malle

Production | Executive Producer

Ingrid Windisch

Production | Line producer

Monty Diamond

Production | Production Manager

Jurgen Kussatz

Production | Production Manager

Gunther Russ

Production | Unit manager

Olaf Schiefner

Production | Property buyer

Joey Weber

Production | Property buyer

Quincy Z. Gunderson

Production | Location assistant

Josie Fulford

Production | Script supervisor

Frederique Grou-Radenez

Production | Researcher

Dale Pierce-Johnson

Production | Production Coordinator

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Production | Researcher

Janine Ruault

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Gabriele Scheiger

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Production | Production Coordinator

Philip Hubner

Technical | Carpenter

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Gary Alper

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Jean-Francois Auger

Technical | Re-recording mixer

Annie Baronnet

Technical | Sound Editor

Joel Beldent

Technical | Foley mixer

James Corcoran

Technical | Boom operator

William Flageollet

Technical | Re-recording mixer

Karl Laabs

Technical | Sound Mixer

Jerome Levy

Technical | Foley artist

Eric Mauer

Technical | Sound Editor

Laurent Quaglio

Technical | Supervising Sound Editor

Adolf Wojtinek

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Gerd Grzesczak

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Philippe Brun

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Charles Freess

Technical | Key grip

Jean-Yves Freess

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Claus Gerling

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Martin Jezequel

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Michel LeFrancois

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Jean-Hugues Oppel

Technical | Clapper loader

Dominique Pinto

Technical | Focus puller

Brigitte Friedlander

Technical | Wardrobe supervisor

Petra Kray

Technical | Costume assistant

Corinne Lapassade

Technical | Assistant editor

Christph Moritz Hanska

Technical | Location unit manager

William Flageollet

Technical | Music engineer

Tim Luna

Technical | Set safety

Renee Silverman

Technical | Crew

Linked Organisations

Rank Film Distributors Ltd (Distributor | Est. Unknown)


Konradin Von Lohenburg (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Samuel West (1966)

Mrs Strauss (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Barbara Jefford (1930 - 2020)

Bartender (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Jorg Doring

Bollacher (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Alan Bowyer

Brossner (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Gerhard Fries

Caretaker (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Alexandre Trauner

Elderly Man (Age: old, Male)

Performer: Peter Schiff

Erhard (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: James Ind

Frank (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Steven Poynter

Gardner (Reunion) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Robert Dietl

Girl In Tax Building (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Imke Barnstedt

Grafin Von Lohenburg (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Jacques Brunet

Hans Strauss (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Christien Anholt (1971)

Henry (Reunion) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Jason Robards

Herr Strauss (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Bert Parnaby

Herr Von Lohenburg (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Jacques Brunet

Judge Freisler (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Roland Schafer

Lisa (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Maureen Kerwin

Man At Cemetery (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Gerd Duwner

Man At Warehouse Office (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Henning Gissel

Muller (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Rupert Degas

Muscle Max (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Frederick Warder

Nazi (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Roger Wisniewski

Old Countess Gertrud (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Dorothea Alexander

Pompetski (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Struan Rodger

Prince Hubertus (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Gideon Boulting

Reutter (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Nicholas Pandolfi

TV Presenter (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Helmut Krauss

Von Hankhofen (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Lee Lyford

Young Lover (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Luc-Antoine Diquero

Young Lover (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Amelie Pick

Japanese Businessman (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Yang Kyu Kim

Taxi Driver (Reunion) (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Alf Reigel

Linked Awards

Cannes International Film Festival Award


Nominated: In Competition

Cannes International Film Festival Award


Nominated: Best Actor: Christien Anholt


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Type: Review

External Link:

New York Times, 22 January 1988, C6 (Paper-based)

Type: Review

Interview with Samuel West, conducted by Alexander Lass, 16 February 2021 (PDF)

Type: Interview

External Link:


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Steven H. Gale, Harold Pinter's Screenplays and the Artistic Process (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2003)

Academic book

Contains chapters on each of Harold Pinter's filmed screenplays and includes a bibliography of reviews of films up to 1999.