The Handmaid's Tale
The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale (1990)

The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale (1989)

Budget (GBP) 0
Distribution Company

Cinecom Pictures   (Distributor | Est. Unknown)

Release Date 15 February 1990
Black and White No
Regional Release No
Release Notes West Germany 15 February 1990;
USA 7 March 1990 (New York City, New York);
USA 9 March 1990;
Argentina 31 May 1990;
France 20 June 1990;
Australia 2 August 1990;
Denmark 21 September 1990;
UK 2 November 1990;
Finland 30 November 1990;
Japan 21 March 1991;
Portugal 30 May 1991;
Hungary 18 October 1991;
Germany 15 February 1992 (TV premiere);
South Korea 2 June 2017 (SEOUL International Women's Film Festival).
Description Pinter's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's 1985 dystopian novel. In a futuristic, theocratic and dystopian United States, Offred (Natasha Richardson) is forced to become a handmaid -- a sexual slave that serves as a surrogate for couples who desire children but who are unable to have them themselves. She works for the cold Serena (Faye Dunaway) and her cruel husband, the commander (Robert Duvall). Offred is in love with the commander's chauffeur Nick (Aidan Quinn) and must find a way to bear a child before she is shipped off to the wastelands.
Language English

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Volker Schlöndorff (1939)

Creative | Director

Margaret Atwood (1939)

Creative | Author (original novel)

Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Creative | Screenplay

Alex Gartner

Production | Associate Producer

Wolfgang Glattes

Production | Executive Producer

Gale Goldberg

Production | Associate Producer

Eberhard Junkersdorf

Production | Co-producer

Daniel Wilson

Production | Producer

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Creative | Music

Igor Luther

Creative | Cinematographer

David Ray

Creative | Film Editor

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Tom Walsh

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Norika Sky-Sora

Production | Assistant to the composer

Dawn Soler

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Jennifer Bartlett

Production | Conceptual advisor

Norwood Cheek

Production | Production Assistant

Grady Cooper

Production | Production Assistant

Tad Driscoll

Production | Accountant

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Production | Accountant

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Production | Accountant

Kate Eismann

Production | Key production assistant

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Production | Sales representative

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Technical | Adr loop group

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Cinecom Pictures (Distributor | Est. Unknown)


Alma (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Mirjam Bohnet

Angel At Desk (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: James A. Carleo III

Another Wife (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Linda Pierce

Aunt (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Doris Boggs

Aunt Christina (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Annemarie Fenske

Aunt Elizabeth (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Kathryn Doby

Aunt Helena (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Zoey Wilson

Aunt Lydia (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Victoria Tennant

Aunt Sarah (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Karma Ibsen Riley

Baby (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Molly Sandick

Commander (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Robert Duvall

Condemned Man (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Randell Haynes

Cora (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Lucia Hartpeng

Dick (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Robert Raiford

Eye (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Ivan Migel

Eye In Van (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Jim Grimshaw

Guard (2) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Tom McGovern

Guard (3) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Robert Pentz

Guardian (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Muse Watson

Handmaid (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Sara Seidman

Hostess (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Elke Ritschel

Janine/Ofwarren (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Traci Lind

Jill (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Blair Struble

June (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Allison Holmes

Kate/Offred (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Natasha Richardson

Luke (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Reiner Schone

Martha (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Janell McLeod

Moira (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Elizabeth McGovern

Mrs Warren (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Rhesa Reagan Stone

Nick (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Aidan Quinn

Nun (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Jane Learned

Officer On Bus (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Gary Bullock

Ofglen (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Blanche Baker

Old Man (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Ed Grady

Preacher (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: J. Michael Hunter

Rita (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Lucile McIntyre

Serena Joy (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Faye Dunaway (1941)

Steve (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: James Martin Jr.

Third Wife (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Nina Lynn Blanton

TV Announcer (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Julian Bell

TV Announcer (2) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Bill Owen

Waiter (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Danny Simpkins

Wardress (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Mil Nicholson

Guard (Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: David Barnes

Doctor (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: David Dukes

Street Worker (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Rob McGowan

Elite Soldier (The Handmaid's Tale) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Michael Tove

Black Woman (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Rhonda Bond

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The Handmaid's Tale Trailer, 1990 (URL)

Type: Trailer

External Link:

Original trailer.

Janet Maslin, ''Handmaid's Tale,' Adapted From Atwood Novel', The New York Times, 7 March 1990 (URL)

Type: Review

External Link:

Laura Flanders, 'The Handmaid's Tale's Near Futurism Misses Chill Factor', In These Times, March 28, 1990, p. 20 (URL)

Type: Review

External Link:

PDF available.

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Type: Review

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Sharp Cut: Harold Pinter's Screenplays and the Artistic Process

Steven H. Gale, Harold Pinter's Screenplays and the Artistic Process (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2003)

Academic book

Contains chapters on each of Harold Pinter's filmed screenplays and includes a bibliography of reviews of films up to 1999.