Wit (TV Film)
Wit (TV Film)

Wit (TV Film) (2001)

Wit (TV Film)

Wit (2000)

Channel HBO
Broadcast Date 24 March 2001
Broadcast time
Length (minutes) 99
Black and White No
Series Unknown
Broadcast Notes

Germany 9 February 2001 (Berlin International Film Festival);
USA 24 March 2001 (HBO);
UK 26 August 2001 (Edinburgh International Film Festival);
Poland 6 October 2001 (Warsaw Film Festival);
Russia 22 November 2001 (video premiere);
Hungary 15 January 2002;
Czech Republic 27 January 2002 (Febio Film Festival);
Netherlands 6 October 2002 (limited);
Italy 15 March 2005 (DVD premiere);
Netherlands 12 April 2005 (DVD premiere);
Finland 19 August 2005 (DVD premiere);
Sweden 9 April 2006.

Description Professor Vivian Bearing (Emma Thompson), an expert on the work of 17th-century British poet John Donne, has spent her adult life contemplating religion and death as literary motifs. Diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer, she consents to an aggressive and experimental form of chemotherapy administered by Dr. Kelekian (Christopher Lloyd) and his assistant, Dr. Posner (Jonathan M. Woodward), her former student. Facing death on a personal level, she reflects on her life and work. Pinter plays the role of Mr Bearing.
Language English

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Linked People

Mike Nichols

Creative | Director

Margaret Edson (1961)

Creative | Author (original play)

Emma Thompson

Creative | Screenplay

Mike Nichols

Creative | Screenplay

Simon Bosanquet

Production | Producer

Cary Brokaw

Production | Executive Producer

Michael Haley

Production | Co-producer

Paul A. Levin

Production | Associate Producer

Julie Lynn

Production | Co-producer

Mike Nichols

Production | Executive Producer

Charles F. Ryan

Production | Co-producer

Henryk Mikolaj Górecki

Orchestrator | Music

Seamus McGarvey

Creative | Cinematography

John Bloom (1935)

Creative | Film Editor

Leo Davis

Creative | Casting

Ellen Lewis

Creative | Casting

Juliet Taylor

Creative | Casting

Leila Bertrand

Creative | Casting


Stuart Wurtzel

Creative | Production Designer

Sarah Hauldren

Creative | Supervising Art Director

Michael Seirton

Creative | Set Decoration

Ann Roth

Creative | Costume Designer

Linda DeVetta

Creative | Makeup Artist

J. Roy Helland

Creative | Makeup Artist

Joanna Beckett

Production | Unit manager

Rachel Neale

Production | Unit production manager

Ben Dixon

Creative | Third Assistant Director

Michael Haley

Creative | First Assistant Director

Mark Layton

Creative | Key Second Assistant Director

Harry Alley

Technical | Painter's Laborer

Les Benson

Technical | Props Sourceman

Roy Biggs

Technical | Chargehand stagehand

Guy Bradley

Technical | Junior draughtsman

Emma Caplin

Technical | Art department assistant

Paul Carpenter

Technical | Carpenter

Darryl Carter

Technical | Supervisory Carpenter

Jack Carter

Technical | Construction Controller

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Colin Ellis

Technical | Dressing props

Simon Faldon

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David Ford

Production | Production buyer

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Cliona Harkin

Creative | Stand-by Art Director

Gary Hedges

Technical | Chargehand carpenter

John Hedges

Technical | Construction buyer

Kevin Hedges

Technical | Carpenter

John Hogan

Technical | Dressing props

Martin Hubbard

Technical | Carpenter

David Jones

Technical | Stagehand

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Technical | Carpenter

Ron Lee

Technical | Construction buyer

Poppy Luard

Technical | Draughtsman

Simon Marjoram

Technical | Carpenter

Maxie McDonald

Technical | Property Master

Jim McNeil

Technical | Carpenter

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Technical | Carpenter

Neil Murrum

Technical | Dressing props

Paul Nash

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Mitch Niclas

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Norman North

Technical | Painter

Paul Nott-Macaire

Technical | Standby Carpenter

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Claire Richards

Creative | Assistant Art Director

Ronnie Ross

Technical | Carpenter

Michael Simpson

Technical | Carpenter

Anthony Strong

Technical | Stagehand

Jeff Sullivan

Technical | Standby Painter

Alan Titmus

Technical | Standby Props

Paul Turner

Technical | Standby Props

Sara Wan

Production | Production buyer

Kenneth Welland

Technical | Chargehand painter

John Whitby

Technical | Carpenter

Colin Woodbridge

Technical | Carpenter

Alba Leone

Production | Production buyer


Kam Chan

Technical | Foley editor

Marko A. Costanzo

Technical | Foley artist

Paul Cridlin

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Lee Dichter

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Chris Fielder

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David John

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Gareth John

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Frank Kern

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George A. Lara

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Blake Leyh

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Debora Lilavois

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Philip Stockton

Technical | Supervising Sound Mixer

Deborah Wallach

Technical | Adr editor

Paul J. Zydel

Technical | ADR Engineer

Matt McDonald

Technical | Digital Compositor

Gareth Milne

Technical | Stunt Coordinator

Toby Brockhurst

Technical | Digital Effects Artist


Keith Batterbee

Technical | Rigger

Roy Branch

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Trevor Coop

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Clive Coote

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'B' Camera

Peter Myslowski

Technical | Key grip

Jennie Paddon

Technical | Camera trainee

Rebecca Peters

Technical | Video playback operator

Wayne Rowe

Technical | Crane grip

Eddie Sansom

Technical | Electrician

Lee Walters

Technical | Gaffer

Jennifer Euston

Technical | Casting Assistant

Jenny Hawkins

Technical | Wardrobe supervisor

Andrew Hunt

Technical | Wardrobe master

Michelle Matland

Technical | Assistant costume designer

Sarah Tiffin

Technical | Wardrobe buyer

As Sarah Higbid.

Jane Wrigley

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Antonia Van Drimmelen

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Technical | Unit Driver

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Randall Balsmeyer

Creative | Title Designer

Steve Barry

Production | Assistant accountant

Lori Berhon

Technical | Adr loop group

Francesca Castellano

Production | Production Coordinator

Ben Cocks

Production | Stand-in

Ms Thompson

Patsy De Lord

Production | Production Coordinator

Claire Edgcombe

Production | Production runner

Poppy Field

Production | Floor runner

Carlton Jarvis

Technical | Medical advisor

Medical Special Effects

Jane Levy

Production | Assistant

Assistant to Mr Nichols.

James Manning

Production | Floor runner

Kathleen McGarry

Production | Assistant

Assistant to Ms Thompson.

Joyce Noakes

Production | Assistant accountant

Andrew Nokes

Production | Financial Controller

Reg Poerscout-Edgerton

Production | Production runner

Justine Redfern

Production | Assistant

Assistant to Mr Bosanquet.

Linda Schickedanz

Technical | Medical advisor

David Tellefsen

Production | Assistant

Assistant to Mr Brokaw.

Dan Turner

Production | Floor runner

Dennis Watson

Technical | Supervising Rigger

Beverly Winston

Production | Script supervisor

Wendy Zych

Production | Assistant Production Coordinator

Mary Bailey

Production | Script supervisor


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Vivian Bearing (Wit) (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Emma Thompson

Dr. Harvey Kelekian (Wit) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Christopher Lloyd

Evelyn 'E. M.' Ashford (Wit) (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Eileen Atkins (1934)

Susie Monahan (Wit) (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Audra McDonald

Dr. Jason Posner (Wit) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Jonathan M. Woodward

Mr Bearing (Vivian's Father) (Wit) (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Performer: Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Vivian (Aged 5) (Wit) (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Rebecca Laurie

Nurse (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Su Lin Looi

Technician 1 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Raffaello Degruttola

Technician 2 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Miquel Brown

Fellow 1 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Hari Dhillon

Fellow 2 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Benedict Wong

Fellow 3 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Alex Gregor

Fellow 4 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Lachele Carl

Student 1 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: David Menkin

Student 2 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Rachel Siegel

Student 3 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Shauna Shim

Student 4 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Matt Blair

Code Team Blue Head (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: David Zayas

Code Team Blue 2 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Tassia Messimeris

Code Team Blue 3 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Norman Naudain

Code Team Blue 4 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Emma Bernbach

Code Team Blue 5 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Jenny Jules

Code Team Blue 6 (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Gary Beadle

Scrub (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Anne Karam

Student (Wit) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Ruel Rowe

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Learning On Screen, full broadcast (subscription required) (Video)

Type: Broadcast

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Wit Trailer (URL)

Type: Trailer

External Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOV25yce-j0

‘For 'Wit,' a Star Who Supplies A Wit of Her Own', Sarah Lyall , The New York Times, 18 March 2001 (URL)

Type: Review

External Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2001/03/18/arts/television-radio-for-wit-a-star-who-supplies-a-wit-of-her-own.html

'Wit Review', Eddied Cockrell , Variety, 15 February 2001 (URL)

Type: Review

External Link: https://variety.com/2001/tv/reviews/wit-6-1200466718/

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Type: Review

External Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/films/2001/09/06/wit_2001_review.shtml





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