Party Time (Premiere: Almeida Theatre)
Party Time (Premiere: Almeida Theatre)

Party Time (Premiere: Almeida Theatre) (1991)

Party Time (Premiere: Almeida Theatre)

Party Time (1991)

Multi-part Production Party Time and Mountain Language
Date from

31 October 1991

Date to

21 December 1991

No of Performances Unknown
Premiere Yes
Language English


Almeida Theatre (Est. 1980)

31-Oct-1991 to 21-Dec-1991

terpreted performance by Wendy Ebsworth 16/11, at 16:00.

Linked Productions

Mountain Language (Almeida) (1991)


Linked People

Harold Pinter (1930 - 2008)

Creative | Director

Mark Thompson (1957)

Creative | Set Designer

Mick Hughes (1938 - 2018)

Creative | Lighting Designer

Charlotte Bird

Creative | Costume Supervisor

Eva Fuss

Creative | Wardrobe Supervisor

John Leonard (1951)

Creative | Sound Designer

Dominic Muldowney (1952)

Creative | Composer

Patrick Watkinson

Technical | Stage Manager

Hedda Moore

Technical | Deputy Stage Manager

Lilian Mollgaard

Technical | Assistant Stage Manager

Mary Madigan

Technical | Company Stage Manager

Simon Harper

Technical | Production Manager

Tanya Burns

Technical | Chief Technician

Chris Clay

Technical | Technician

James Crout

Technical | Technician

Ian O'Donoghue

Technical | Technician

Miraculous Engineering Ltd

Technical | Set construction

Bernie Mulcahy

Technical | Assistant Scene Painter

Ivan Kyncl (1953 - 2004)

Creative | Production Photographer

Bill Wardroper

Technical | Production Electrician

Programme indicates 'Lighting Box built by'.

Chris Clarke

Creative | Scene Painter

Linked Organisations

Almeida Theatre (Producing House | Est. 1982)

1 Almeida St, London N1 1TA, England


London Arts Board (Cultural Institution | Est. Unknown)

Provided support for the production.

Islington Council (Local Authority | Est. 1963)

222 Upper St, London N1 1XR, England

Provided support for the production.


Terry (Age: Not Specified, Male)

Dramatis personae indicates ' A man of forty'

Performer: Peter Howitt (1957)

Gavin (Age: fifties, Male)

Performer: Barry Foster (1931 - 2002)

Dusty (Age: twenties, Female)

Performer: Cordelia Roche

Melissa (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Dramatis personae indicates 'a woman of seventy'

Performer: Dorothy Tutin (1930 - 2001)

Liz (Age: thirties, Female)

Performer: Tacye Nichols

Charlotte (Age: thirties, Female)

Performer: Nicola Pagett (1945 - 2021)

Fred (Party Time) (Age: forties, Male)

Performer: Roger Lloyd-Pack (1944 - 2014)

Douglas (Age: Not Specified, Male)

for characters 'of fifty' such as Douglas shall we select 'early fifties'?

Performer: Gawn Grainger (1937)

Jimmy (Age: young, Male)

Performer: Harry Burton (1962)

Waiter (Party Time) (Age: Not Specified)

Performer: Kevin Dignam

Waitress (Party Time) (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Rebecca Steele

Waitress (Party Time) (Age: Not Specified, Female)

Performer: Amelia Blacker

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Interview With Gawn Grainger, conducted By Alexander Lass, November 2020 (PDF)

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Party Time Production Programme

The British Library Modern Manuscripts, The Harold Pinter Archive, Add MS 888880/8/25

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