ADC Theatre (Est. 1855)

ADC Theatre

26 Park St, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB5 8AS, England

Date Opened: 1855

Located in Cambridge, England, the ADC is 'a department of the University of Cambridge, and [...] the oldest University playhouse in the country.' It 'is the centre of University drama in Cambridge, run almost entirely by students with no Faculty involvement.' Staging 'professional standard productions [...] The ADC Theatre has helped to launch the careers of many theatre luminaries, including Sir Ian McKellen, Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson. [...] There are several student companies resident in the ADC Theatre including: Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club, Footlights, Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society and the Fletcher Players.' (ADC Theatre website)

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ADC Theatre Website


Accessed 11 July 2018.


Old Times (ADC Theatre, Cambridge) (2006)

19-Jul-2006 to 22-Jul-2006