Landscape (1967)


Harold Pinter

Play script


This one-act play is often performed in a double-bill with Silence. Both plays mark a change in Pinter's style, becoming less literal and more subliminal to give voice to unspoken thoughts. In Landscape the memories of a couple – Beth and Duff – flow subliminally though their seemingly disconnected conversations. The things said are the things usually left unsaid. Landscape was written for the stage in 1967. The script fell foul of the Lord Chamberlain. It premiered Instead on BBC Radio's Third Programme in 1968 and was finally staged by the RSC in 1969.

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Date of Composition: 1967

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Pendragon Press on (1968)   Confidence Level  

Methuen on (1978)

Published as part of Plays: Three.

Grove Press on (1 October 1977)

Published as part of Complete Works, Vol. 3.


Duff (Age: early fifties, Male)

Beth (Landscape) (Age: late forties, Female)


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Type: Script

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