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Below is a list of all the Works that are linked in the database. These include all works written by Harold Pinter for stage, film, television, radio as well as prose and poetry (where the latter have been performed or incorporated into performances or broadcasts).

The list also includes works that have been adapted by Harold Pinter, or works that he has been involved in as director or actor.

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À la recherche du temps perdu

A fictionalised biography formed of seven volumes and written between 1871 and 1922. The narrator re...
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Stephen, a professor at Oxford University yearns for an affair with his beautiful student Anna. He f...
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American Football: A Reflection upon the Gulf War

In language rife with expletives, an American figure celebrates a military victory and gives praise...
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Apart from That

As two people trade banalities over their mobile phones there is a hint of something ominous and uns...
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Lamb attends a job interview conducted by Miss Piffs, during which she subjects him to various rigor...
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Art, Truth and Politics

Harold Pinter's Nobel prize speech.
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Ashes to Ashes

In the living room of a pleasant house in a university town outside of London, Devlin, threatened by...
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Audience/Private View

Audience (1975) and Private View (1978) are two of the 'Vanek' plays by Vaclav Havel, a series of pl...
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Being Harold Pinter

Being Harold Pinter is a compilation of extracts of various texts by Harold Pinter (see 'linked work...
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The Berlin Memorandum

The Berlin Memorandum (UK title, published by Collins; published as The Quiller Memorandum in the US...
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