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Below is a list of all the Works that are linked in the database. These include all works written by Harold Pinter for stage, film, television, radio as well as prose and poetry (where the latter have been performed or incorporated into performances or broadcasts).

The list also includes works that have been adapted by Harold Pinter, or works that he has been involved in as director or actor.

You can browse, or filter these works alphabetically, or by year of publication, or you might simply search works using the box up to the right. 


A short play by Samuel Beckett, dedicated to Václav Havel who was imprisoned at the time. The play...
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A satire upon the lives of three couples dining at an elegant restaurant. At one table, two sisters...
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Circe and Bravo

'Set in the President of the United States' lodge at the Camp David Mountain Retreat. The First Lady...
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Close of Play

'Sunday afternoon in an English country house. A distinguished academic sits in his favourite arm ch...
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The Coast

A short prose piece. First person narrative. Two people meet after a long time and walk along the co...
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The Collection

Divided between a flat in London’s Belgravia and a flat in Chelsea, the play focuses on two couples,...
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The Comfort of Strangers

The database entry for the film can be accessed <a href="">he...
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The Comfort of Strangers

Colin and Mary are a couple whose intimacy knows no bounds. Away on a holiday together in a nameless...
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The Common Pursuit: Scenes from the Literary Life

'The Common Pursuit follows the lives of six characters who first meet in Stuart Thorne’s rooms as u...
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The Compartment

The Compartment is a 27-page unpublished screenplay written by Harold Pinter "for a film never made,...
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Der Process

An unfinished novel centred on Josef K. who is arrested and prosecuted by an unknown power. Both he...
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Dialogue for Three

A dialogue between two men and a woman. The first man tells wildly extravagant stories of exotic adv...
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