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Below is a list of all the Works that are linked in the database. These include all works written by Harold Pinter for stage, film, television, radio as well as prose and poetry (where the latter have been performed or incorporated into performances or broadcasts).

The list also includes works that have been adapted by Harold Pinter, or works that he has been involved in as director or actor.

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Being Harold Pinter

Being Harold Pinter is a compilation of extracts of various texts by Harold Pinter (see 'linked work...
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The Berlin Memorandum

The Berlin Memorandum (UK title, published by Collins; published as The Quiller Memorandum in the US...
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A sharp look into the nature of romantic relationships, </em>Betrayal</em> starts in 1977 when two l...
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Betrayal [film screenplay]

Pinter's screen adaptation of his 1977 play. One-time lovers Jerry and Emma meet in a London pub for...
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The Birthday Party

Stanley Webber is the only lodger in Meg and Petey Boles' rundown seaside boarding house. Over break...
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The Birthday Party [film screenplay]

This entry is for an unpublished screenplay, adapted from or containing identical dialogue as the 19...
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The Black and White

In this short sketch, two old female buddies, with little to do and nowhere to go, make small talk o...
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The Black and White

A short prose piece told from the first-person perspective of an old woman talking of her night in t...
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Breaking the Code

Play centred on the British mathematician and computer science pioneer Alan Turing. The play explore...
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Simon Gray's adaptation of his play by the same name. 'Butley is a play about a university lecturer...
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