National Theatre: Lyttelton Theatre

Royal National Theatre

South Bank, London SE1 9PX, England

Date Opened: Unknown

The Lyttelton is a proscenium theatre in London's National Theatre. The Lyttelton Theatre was named after Oliver Lyttelton, Viscount Chandos, whose parents were among the earliest effective campaigners for the National Theatre and who was himself its first chairman.

To check productions played on the NT's other South Bank stages check those entries: The Olivier / The Cottlesloe

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Royal National Theatre (Producing & Receiving House | Est. 1963)

South Bank, London SE1 9PX, England

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Press Conference / Sketches I and II (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

Blithe Spirit (1976)

19-Jun-1976 to 15-Jan-1977

65 performances.

The Caretaker (Lyttleton Theatre) (1980)

11-Nov-1980 to 14-Mar-1981

The Caretaker (Lyttleton Theatre) (1981)

22-May-1981 to 03-Sep-1981

Mountain Language (Premiere: National Theatre) (1988)

17-Oct-1988 to 14-Dec-1988

Performance times: 18:15. Previews: 17, 18 (matinee and evening) and 19/10. Press night: 20/10. Part of the NT's Platform Performance series.

The Bithday Party (Lyttleton) (1994)

11-Mar-1994 to 19-Jul-1994

Previews: 11 and 14/7 at 19:30. Press night: 17/7 at 19:00.

The Homecoming (Lyttelton) (1997)

17-Jan-1997 to 29-May-1997

First Preview: 17/1. Press night: 23/1.

Betrayal (Bath-London Tour) (1998)

14-Nov-1998 to 07-Apr-1999

Previews: 14 and 17/11; performance times: 19:30. Press night: 24/11; performance times: 19:00.

Betrayal (Premiere: National Theatre) (1978)

10-Nov-1978 to 08-Sep-1979

Previews: 10, 11 (matinee and evening), 13 and 14/11. Press night: 15/11.

No Man's Land (Lyttelton Tour)* (2001)

29-Nov-2001 to 10-Apr-2002

First preview: 29/11; press night: may have been 6/12.

That's Your Trouble / Sketches I (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

08-Feb-2002 to 08-Feb-2002

The Black and White / Sketches I (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

Tess / Sketches I (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

Trouble in The Works / Sketches I (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

Last to Go / Sketches II (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

Special Offer / Sketches II (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

That's All / Sketches II (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

Night / Sketches II (Lyttleton Theatre) (2002)

The Trojan War Will Not Take Place (1983)

03-May-1983 to 18-Oct-1983

Landscape (National Theatre) (1980)

13-Oct-1980 to 13-Oct-1980

Platform Performance; a special single performance given on Pinter’s birthday where performers, author, director and National Theatre staff donated their fees to help Vaclav Havel. Upon leaving, the audience were invited to make a donation.

No Man's Land (Premiere: Wyndham's) (1975)

23-Apr-1976 to 17-May-1976

Transferred to the Lyttleton to open the new National Theatre on the South Bank. 12 performances.

No Man's Land (Premiere: Wyndham's) (1975)


Returned to the venue after North American tour.

Close of Play (1979)


Simon Gray wrote to Peter Hall to protest the premature, in his view, cancellation of the play at the Lyttleton (Harold Pinter Archive; see 'Sources').

Previews: 18, 19, 21, 22, 23/5.

Family Voices (Stage Premiere: National Theatre) (1981)

13-Feb-1981 to 19-Mar-1981

13 and 17 February, and 19 and 20 March 1981

Platform performance.

A Slight Ache (Lyttleton Theatre) (2008)

21-Jul-2008 to 13-Aug-2008

The Hothouse (Lyttelton) (2007)

11-Jul-2007 to 27-Oct-2007