Hackney Downs Grammar School (Est. 1876)

Site of Hackney Downs Grammar School

Downs Park Road, Hackney, London E8

Date Opened: 1876

No longer extant, this is the former site of the Hackney Downs Grammar School. It is currently the site of the Mossbourne Community Academy which opened in 2004.

The Grocers’ Company School, later known as Hackney Downs Grammar School, was a comprehensive secondary school for boys in Lower Clapton, Greater London. It was established in 1876 and closed in 1995. The venue of Harold Pinter's first stage performances, as a pupil in 1947 and 1948. The school was housed in a Gothic building between two railway lines. Places were gained by passing an examination: there was both an entrance fee and an annual fee. Scholarships were open to competition and depended on the Headmaster’s recommendation as well as the results of the entrance exam.

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Macbeth (Hackney Downs Grammar School) (1947)

26-Mar-1947 to 28-Mar-1947

Romeo and Juliet (Hackney Downs Grammar School) (1948)

07-Apr-1948 to 10-Apr-1948