Tea Party (UK Stage Premiere: Duchess Theatre)
Tea Party (UK Stage Premiere: Duchess Theatre)

Tea Party (UK Stage Premiere: Duchess Theatre) (1970)

Tea Party (UK Stage Premiere: Duchess Theatre)

Tea Party (1964)

Multi-part Production Tea Party and The Basement (UK Stage Premiere)
Date from

17 September 1970

Preview: 12/9.

Date to

4 November 1970

No of Performances Unknown
Premiere Yes
Language English


Duchess Theatre (Est. 1929)

17-Sep-1970 to 04-Nov-1970

Linked Productions

Tea Party (World Stage Premiere: Eastside Playhouse, New York) (1968)

Notes: World stage premiere, in America.

The Basement (UK Stage Premiere: Duchess Theatre) (1970)


Linked People

James Hammerstein (1931 - 1999)

Creative | Director

Una Collins

Creative | Set Designer

Mark Pritchard

Creative | Lighting Designer

Linked Organisations

Duchess Theatre (Producing & Receiving House | Est. 1929)

3-5 Catherine St, London WC2B 5LA, England



Disson (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Donald Pleasence (1919 - 1995)

Wendy (Age: Not specified, Female)

Performer: Vivien Merchant (1929 - 1982)

Diana (Age: Not specified, Female)

Performer: Gabrielle Drake (1944)

Willy (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Barry Foster (1931 - 2002)

Tom (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Robin Angell

John (Tea Party) (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Kevin Chippendale

Disley (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Derek Aylward (1922 - 2005)

Lois (Age: Not specified, Female)

Performer: Jill Johnson

Father (Tea Party) (Age: Not specified, Male)

Performer: Arthur Hewlett (1907 - 1997)

Mother (Tea Party) (Age: Not specified, Female)

Performer: Hilda Barry (1884 - 1979)

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Harold Pinter Official Website



Accessed 5 November 2019.

Harold Pinter Appointments Diary, 1970

The British Library Modern Manuscripts, The Harold Pinter Archive, Add MS 88880/12/004, no ff

Library archive

Information about final performance taken from the entry for 4 November, which is noted as 'Vivien's last night'. From this the closing date is assumed.